What is a craft beer?

Even though there’s not really an exact and official definition, craft beer is the one that prioritizes the use of quality raw materials (barley, hops and yeast), where the most part of the brewing process is made by hand. But essentially the main difference between craft beer and not craft beer resides in the productive process, where craft beer doesn’t suffer from pasteurisation .

The majority of the people in the craft beer world will agree that the thing that makes a beer “craft” is that it isn’t made by a big corporation, so it doesn’t lose the meaning of crafted. Generally craft beers are made in microbreweries. Also, usually the brewing process is overseen by a head brewer who designs the recipes and a team of brewers that actually brew the beer.  This new beverage -considered by some as a gourmet product- is a beer with character, the profile of which has been lately compared to wine. It’s success amongst consumers is linked to the lack of variety and innovation in the lager market, and the more refined palate of the customers that comes from a wider range of flavours and styles in the market.

So to sum up everything, a craft beer is an unpasteurized beer, brewed with quality raw materials, in a small brewery and not by a big multinational company.


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