Do you call this a beer? Why not to drink mass produced lagers

Can mass produced beer and beer that was made fast be a good beer? Let’s take a look. The whole process of brewing beer and fermenting in natural circumstances varies from 20 days to several years depending of the style of the beer. A normal Lager or a Pale Ale needs around two weeks to ferment and after bottling up it needs another 2 to 3 weeks for the second fermentation. More complex beers like stouts or barley wines can take several years to get to their optimal flavour.

I had a conversation a couple of years ago with a guy who was working in Meantime (the brewery), but before that he used to work for Budweisser (and like this one I can probably include any other mass produced beers like Heineken, Carlsberg, Fosters, San Miguel…) and he told me that the fermentation and bottling process lasted 18 hours! You can imagine how that tastes like compared to how it could’ve tasted, or how it should taste.

Anyways, I just wanted to give you a heads up with a fact for you to know what kind of beer you’re drinking, and just as a hint to judge beer. I understand that it can be cheaper, or you might not even care about the beer you’re drinking. Even say that drinking is a social thing and it’s more important to you the people you’re with than the actual beer. But smoking is the same – a social thing that even worse, gives you cancer, it fucks up your teeth and a long etcetera. I’d personally rather pay a couple of pounds more and enjoy a beer that is gonna taste like something, with more flavour than any mass produced lager, and is made properly, instead of giving more money to big multinational company for a tasteless product.

I’ve seen articles online about whether this trendy or “nerdy” thing about craft beer is going to end soon; they also complain about the price, about how annoying are all the people that can’t stop talking about their beers, about their taste..The people who complain about craft beer are clearly claiming how proud they are of being ignorant. Beer is bitter because that’s how it’s supposed to be if it’s properly done. Beer doesn’t have to be ice cold (basically because the colder the beer is, the less it tastes). And almost everywhere nowadays, a pint of Peroni is even more expensive than a pint of something decent.

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