Don’t ask for a beer

Hi all,

First of all a little introduction about myself. My name is Rod and I love talking about beer and everything about beer, from drinking to brewing myself. I moved to London in 2013 and I’m been working in the craft beer industry since then, going to beer festivals, working in pubs and even went around breweries brewing staff with them to know how to make beer at a big scale. I’m also a homebrewer.

Why the title of the blog? Don’t panic, the first thing you should ask when you get to a pub is asking for a beer, but don’t say a beer. One of the most annoying thing I’ve experienced as a craft beer bartender are customer who just say “-Can I have a beer please?” “-A beer? Which one mate? We have more than 100” . Do people go to restaurants, sit down and say “-Can I please have food?”; So the same happens with beer, there’s so many types, styles, ways to make beer and flavours that one needs to be a bit more precise.

If you’re not very into craft beer and want to discover more about this fantastic world and learn about which beer is good and which one isn’t, you might find interesting reading this blog. Because you haven’t really tried beer until you try craft beer. So stop ordering Sol, Desperados or Peroni and embrace THE REAL BEER.

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